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Multimodal Logistics

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Multimodal Logistics

When air freight is over the budget and sea freight will be too late - Multimodal Logistics will be the right solution. By combining sea- and airfreight modes, you achieve many benefits, in terms of possibility to adjust transit time and cost according to your requirements, enabling the organization to make the best possible use of transportation option and realizing actual cost savings through the process.

The company HQ is based in NEW DELHI, INDIA and is primarily focused on logistics operation in INDIA . Through global network of support offices we coordinate freight on behalf of many clients with operations all over the world. Strategic vision of TTLPL means that we are developing and winning new business in our key vertical markets. Our logistics solutions are applied to diverse range of market sectors including

Telecommunications,Electronics. We differentiate our product offerings and constantly monitor our value propositions. We constantly invest in our IT to provide seamless integration of data between our company, our partners, carriers and clients. Total visibility allows all parties to collaborate closer to accomplish faster transits and provide better accuracy. For many years TTLPL relies on expertise and support of Cargo wise EDI to provide IT backbone of our operations and move data across the networks. In partnership with Cargo wise we accommodate all parties of supply chain by providing full EDI capabilities and XML format data that can be populated into their internal systems.